XIX tech BFZ-1


XIX tech BFZ-1

BFZ-1 is a modern dirt pedal with Urei 545 based fully parametric eq, clean blend and old-school analog octave-up fuzz circuit.

By mixing natural sound of your instrument with octave-shifted harmonics you can get thousands of tones: from harmonic exciter through rich and saturated overdrive to massive synth-like fuzz. We adapted and modernized circuit from Urei 545 classic parametric equalizer to give you the most powerful control of the harmonic frequency response. You can get mid-scooped Superfuzz style sound, all of Brassmaster filter switches combinations or create your own unique sounds.

BFZ-1 is designed to beat classic octave fuzzes like Brassmaster, Scrambler and Superfuzz in their niche and can be effectively used with various basses, guitars, synths and drum machines. It all makes BFZ-1 not just a fuzz pedal, but an ultimate even harmonic generator.

Main features:
  Soft-clipping based saturation circuit with a wide gain range.
  Precise analog octave-up circuit.
  Fully parametric Sallen-Key topology equalizer, based on classic Urei 545 eq circuit.
  Clean blend with extremely high headroom and low noise.
  Modern megahertz range voltage converter which provides up to almost a 30v of internal supply voltage.
  Clickless electromagnetic relay true bypass with soft footswitch.
  Lightweight and extremely durable bent metal enclosure.
  Industry standard center negative 9v boss-style power supply.
  Due to ecological reasons our pedals do not accept batteries.

GAIN                 amount of saturation.
BASS                dry signal volume
FUZZ                harmonics volume
FREQ                filter’s central frequency (150-5000Hz)
Q                        filter’s bandwidth from 1/8 to 2 ½ octaves
BOOST/CUT   filter’s gain from -20dB to +20dB