XIX tech OFZ-1


XIX tech OFZ-1 fuzz pedal

Modern fuzz with wide range of gain, controllable with guitar volume knob oscillations, adjustable gate circuit and powerful two-band Baxandall tonestack.

This pedal is based on a modern CMOS opamp and implements soft diode clipping to get unique amp-like fuzz structure suitable for vintage and modern tones. It has sweet oscillations controllable with volume knob on your guitar. Internal gate circuit allows you to get scratchy “velcro” style fuzz or no gate at all for unlimited sustain. Baxandall tonestack is densely powerful to get an infinite number of tones.

The pedal is true bypass and runs on industry standard Boss style 9v power supply.


Gain: Controls amount of internal gain. From light overdrive to high gain fuzz.
Level: Controls level of output volume. Adjust it to same level as in bypass, or crank it a little to volume boost.
Bass: Active low-shelf filter. Controls frequencies below 200Hz from -18 to +18 db.
High: Active high-shelf filter. Controls frequencies above 2kHz from -18 to +18 db.
Fdbk: Controls pitch and power of oscillations.
Gate: Set the threshold of gate circuit.